On the Grill

All entrées served with a side of Greek salad.

Yero Plate

(aka "gyro")

Sliced yero, (choice of blend of marinated beef-and-lamb OR pork), cooked on a vertical rotisserie, topped with tzatziki, served on Greek pitta bread with Zorba's Fries. DF*


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Zorba's most popular variety platter of your choice of pork or chicken souvlaki, yero and kefte, served over rice with two dolmathakia, pitta bread & a side of tzatziki and hommus.


 Combination Plate
Greek Loukaniko

Savory traditional Greek pork sausage, created with orange zest. Served over rice with a house made bread roll & a side of golden mustard. DF*,GF*


Souvlaki Plate

Three souvlaki skewers, (please specify tenderloin pork or chicken breast), marinated with Greek herbs, served on Greek pitta w/ Zorba's fries and a side of tzatziki. DF*, GF*


Keftethes (Kefte Kebab)

Five Mediterranean-style beef patties made with onions, fresh parsley and other herbs served over rice with a house made bread roll. DF*


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Perfectly marinated tenderloin beef or chicken breast, skewered w/ onions, tomatoes & bell peppers, served over rice with a house made bread roll. DF*, GF*

Chicken: $13.50          Beef: $14.95

Shish Kebab


Served w/ Greek salad & a fresh house-made roll.

Tender roast leg of lamb, hand-pulled and served in its own slowly created gravy over manestra (orzo) pasta. DF*


Chicken Reganato
 (Youvetsi Style)

Zorba’s famous roasted half chicken, marinated and seasoned with oregano, served over rice. DF* , GF*


A traditional Greek dish layered with ziti-like pasta, ground beef with herbs, a touch of kefalotiri cheese, baked with a light top layer of béchamel. 


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Layers of eggplant, potatoes, ground beef and herbs, baked with a light top layer of béchamel.


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Psaree Plakee

Filet of tilapia, marinated in lemon juice and white wine, baked with sauteed onions, fresh tomatoes, garlic, celery and herbs. Served over rice. DF*, GF*



All entrées served with a side of Greek salad.

White beans baked with crushed tomatoes, onions, parsley, celery and herbs, served with a house-made roll and two dolmathakia. DF*, V, GF*


Fasolia Plakee

Six falafel patties made of various beans,

ground chick peas, vegetables and herbs,

served on pitta bread with a side of hommus. P, V


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Falafel Plate

An assortment platter with spanakópitta, fasolia, falafel (P) and pitta bread, served with Greek salad, two dolmathakia, with a side of hommus & tzatziki. V


Vegetarian Plate
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