Regular portion / Meze portion (1/2)

Greek/Kalamata Olives $4.50/2.75 DF,V,GF


Feta Cheese $4.95/2.95 V, GF


Dolmathakia (plate of 5) $5.75 DF,V,GF
Hand-rolled grape vine leaves stuffed wtih rice and herbs, cooked in olive oil and lemon juice.







Kalamarakia (Calamari) $11.95/6.50 P
Fresh, never-frozen, kalamari prepared completely at Zorba’s with our own breading, served with fresh lemons & our own, house-made marinara sauce.







Tiropitta $7.25 V
Plate of seven, bite size, golden baked Feta cheese turnovers.


Greek-Fire Feta (Terokafteri) $5.95 V, GF*
Slighty spicy, Feta cheese whipped with red pepper and Greek olive oil. Served with two crisp Greek pittas.

Tzatziki $4.95/2.95 V, GF*
A traditional dip of thick yogurt, shredded cucumber and garlic. Served with pitta.


Skordalia $5.25/3.15 V, GF*
Whipped potato & fresh garlic base spread, flavored with olive oil & wine vinegar. Served with pitta.


Hommus $4.95/2.95 DF, V, GF*
Chick peas blended with tahini, lemon juice, garlic and olive oil. Served with pitta.


Tarama (Taramosalata) $6.25/3.75 DF, GF*
A light and smooth carp roe (caviar) dip blended with whipped potato, lemon juice and olive oil. Served with pitta.

White Bean Dip $4.95/2.95 DF, V, GF*
White beans blended with olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, fresh parsley. Served with Zorba’s Pitta Chips.

Samos Spinach Dip $6.95 V, GF*
A rich blend of Feta cheese and spinach served hot with Zorba's Pitta Chips.

Baba-Ganouz $6.75/3.95

(melitzanosalata) DF, V, GF*

 Zorba’s fresh recipe of an ever-popular eggplant dip with olive oil, garlic and lemon juice. Served with pitta.


Pallini Zucchini $6.25 V
Freshly-sliced zucchini, breaded and pan-fried, served with a side of skordalia dip.


Side of Falafel $5.95 DF,V, P
Four falafel patties served with hommus.


Appetizer Sampler Platter $11.95 V
A great variety including hommus, tzatziki,

skordalia, baba-ganouz, (melitzanosalata), tabouli, dolmathakia and oven-toasted Greek pitta bread.




Baba-Ganouz (bottom left), White Bean Dip (top left), Tarama (top right), Skordalia (right)

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Appetizer Sampler
Appetizer Sampler
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Rice $2.75 V, GF*
White rice cooked in a fresh, house made broth.

Fries (American Style) $3.25/2.50 DF, V, GF, P
Farm fresh potatoes, hand cut classic American style and fried in 100% pure peanut oil.

Patates Teganites ("Greek Fries") $3.75 DF, V, GF,Farm fresh potatoes, hand peeled and sliced into large discs, and fried in

100% pure peanut oil.

Spanakopitta $6.45 V
Freshly baked, fillo-dough turn-over with spinach, Feta cheese, egg, sauteed onions & fresh herbs.

Garlic Pitta  $6.95 V
A 12 inch, freshly-baked pitta bread

topped with our mouth-watering blend

of seasonings, parmesan and olive oil.

Garlic Pitta

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Rolls (house made) DF V
Plain              $0.59

Raisin            $0.89

Greek Olive   $0.89

Feta  Cheese  $0.89


Pittas DF, V
Pocket Pitta $0.50

Greek Pitta (thicker w/ no pocket)  $0.85

Zorba's Pitta Chips $2.95  Baked w/ olive oil,

Greek oregano, dashed w/ salt & black pepper.

Pitta Chips
Pitta Chips
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